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Well if I can make it through the rest of this week alive the Christmas I'm sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeping!! omg!! I miss my bed so much!! hahahaha!! The sad fact is that I am quite serious! because it's my last year at Uni, part of the Xmas will be spent doing my dissertation and revising...and catching up with the stupidly large amounts of uni work I get over the term and didn't get round to doing....Usually go on holiday with my family which is nice. We're one of those families that don't plan holidays! We check pack our stuff and go!! It's great! ^.^;;

I love Christmas though...just to spend time with family and friends. It's nothing special, but it is in a way. 

This forum IS too quiet...I think when I'm next procrastinating I'll photoshop a banner for this community or something! Just to liven it up a bit...

Anyone else who is better at photoshoping than I am (which isn't hard cos my PS skills are not great...) going to join me in that venture?

How's the Xmas job hunting going btw?
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