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Heyhey! It's nice to see somebody posting in here! We are an AWFULLY quiet group...

Christmas was lovely for me, though I was actually out of the country myself...hahahaha I heard it was foggy though...New Year's Resolutions people? God I make these every year in the hope that I'll keep them for at least New Year's Day...Maybe I should just make a resolution next year - Keep my old resolutions! Ah...I'm just NOT disciplined enough...sigh...

I did watch the Ldn fireworks on TV - my family and I keep meaning to go down to Ldn to actually see them...but it's cold and crowded...and to be frank it's quite nice actually snuggled warm on the sofa with a cup of tea with your parents and watching the fireworks from there....

Shopping oh shopping - I'm dying to go buy some clothes, but no...sadly I have to wait until Chinese New Year before my finances brings itself back to normal! (oh god it's sad isn't it! The money is the highlight of the CNY! I'm so bad! >_<) Money is always in short for a student and just after Xmas....Mind you Dad let me go book shopping the other day and that has really cheered me right up! (Yeah I'm a bit of a geek and one of my favourite past times, sadly, is wandering through Waterstones/Borders.)

I must admit I'm not so much of a fan of Kdrama, I prefer Jdramas and Tw ones - though even sometimes the Tw ones I'm like "OMG get on with it!!" Obviously, I love the Cantonese ones best! Though sadly, back to Uni soon and no TV for another 10 weeks...I'll have to make do with YouTube/ people's uploads!

RIGHT omg that's my New Year's resolution of not procrastinating out the window...
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